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Macro to Micro: Mapping Your Gifted Education Landscape is a Course

Macro to Micro: Mapping Your Gifted Education Landscape

Ended Aug 8, 2019
5.5 credits

Spots remaining: 8

Full course description

From a birds-eye view of district-wide data to the close-up profile of your individual students, the content of this session will empower you to start the school year both informed and responsive. This session takes place Aug. 8, 2019, from 9AM-3:30PM with a lunch break from noon to 1PM. Location is TBD

Geoffrey Moon and Steve Heil, SFPS Gifted Support Specialists, will be presenting and engaging teachers in collaborative planning to meet the needs of gifted students with a variety of profiles. We focus on what teachers need to see to navigate the school year with a variety of lenses, from the individual, to small group, to large categories of gifted students. 

Agenda topics include: Overview, SY SAGE Calendar, Data-informed Collaborative Planning, Service Menu Updates, Caseload Study, Progress Monitoring Portfolio, Developing Critical Thinking, First Week Plans Addressing Social-emotional Needs, Instructional Materials.